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The amount of acres burned by wildfires is increasing in the U.S. due in large part to declining forest health and climate change.  Click on the graph below to view the trend.


For tips on how to help save your home and property from the ever-increasing risk of wildfire check out these sites,

One of the leading human causes of wildfires in North Central Idaho are debris or controlled burns gone out of control.  For a safer burn and to protect yourself and others obtain a burn permit from Idaho Department of Lands at before you burn.  This permit is required from May 10-October 20.  Be sure to also review the brochure, Brochure-Burn-Permits.  An additional Air Quality Permit must be acquired year-round if you live within the Nez Perce Tribe Reservation boundaries.  This permit can be downloaded from the Nez Perce Tribe Air Quality Program website at

Click on the link to download the new Living with Fire brochure Livingwithfire N Rockes

For members of the North Central Idaho Fire Prevention Co-op we have a short Questionnaire asking what fire concerns are in your area.  Please fill out and send to the address listed in the Contact tab of this site.


2 thoughts on “Information & Resources

  1. In reviewing The FAC and some of the sites dealing with fire prevention I failed to see where fire mitigation is required rather than suggested. I live on private property on a parcel with three other owners. The owners are unaware of the seriousness of wildland fires . The access road to the three properties is heavily overgrown and fire professionals would not risk their people or equipment to drive up road in present condition. This is not an isolated case in the forested areas of Idaho county where access roads are shared. Why are there no Wildland Fire codes to specifically address these type of issue which are re-ocurring through out the state in the heavily forested areas. What actions can be implemented to move towards resolve of this ongoing problem

    1. Great comment Gary! Many share your concerns in Idaho and throughout the west. As fire educators, we strive to educate as many property owners and community leaders on the risks of wildfire and the steps they can take to mitigate those risks. We offer this by sharing our resources, offering workshops, consulting and making ourselves available at informational events such as fairs. Some states and counties are realizing the importance of fire codes in landscape design, building construction and development planning. My advice to you is to voice your concerns to your community leaders, county commissioners, county/city planners etc. The more community members that raise these concerns, the more community leaders will listen. The North Central Idaho Fire Prevention Co-op is here to support those efforts, offering our professional advice whenever needed. To talk further on this subject feel free to contact me personally using the contact link – Kip Kemak

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